Unsealed Letters: Era musings

July 7th, 2017.

These are just brainwaves unfiltered and unleashed.

I’m not asking you questions because I need or want to know the answers. It’s also irrelevant what I think because my reality is not yours. These are thoughts that came to me regarding what you said about wanting to collaborate because you ‘care too much what people think.’

Money matters in the material world but money is not freedom. Real freedom cannot be given or taken by material things. It doesn’t matter what our personal definition of ‘freedom’ is and what our beliefs are. Freedom is not something that can be given or taken away. Freedom is a state of mind and can only be found within. Look at people with money—are they free? It all depends on your perception of reality. From where I’m standing, they are prisoners of an illusion. Is my perception less valid than yours? Are you freer than I am because you have more money?

You said you wanted to buy an expensive car so the people you interact with would take you more seriously than they did/do when you show up with your current one. But then you said that the car is just an expression of who you are. The latter is a beautiful sentiment and more valid if true.

If you compete, you’ve already lost—yourself. It’s a never-ending game with no victory. Self-worth can never be measured through comparison to others. And it shouldn’t, because competing is easy, but feeling good enough in your own skin simply because you exist is more difficult.

You once told me, ‘Everyone has a target in mind when they post on social media.’ Who are your targets? In digital space and in real life? Identify them, write their names down—each and everyone you can think of. You now know your masters. The people whose opinions we value more than our own are the ones we have surrendered to. And in doing so, we give away our power, our originality, our essence—we become prototypes. Just like the masses.

Why do you give away your power? To what end? Can you identify the end?

Why do these people matter? We confuse love and care for others by measuring our Self through their eyes. But in the end, what do their opinions and validation amount to? Did you ever feel whole when you were accepted by them all?

Why does it feel as though something is always missing even at the height of our ‘popularity’? Why do we keep feeding a hunger that can never be filled?

Why can’t the joy of simply doing things be enough? We love to create. Why can’t that be the end? Why does recognition matter?

The eternal truth is: when our true Self emerges, the world around us will stand against it. When we don’t walk with the crowd, we will not be loved, for our authentic selves serve as a mirror that reflects the lie they live. Many have spoken of this truth throughout the ages, I’m just repeating something we both already know.

Do you think other people base their happiness around your opinion of them? And if they do, do you think they are happy? Are they fulfilled? We both know the answer. There can only be one answer.

So why do we play this game of deception? Why do we hold onto our masks? Are our authentic selves unlovable? That’s what our behaviour indicates. But is this the truth? Why can’t we love who we are the way we want others to?

If we don’t love ourselves, how could anyone else?

What happens if others don’t approve of us? Do we die? Do we perish? In our minds we might, temporarily, but in reality, we don’t. We continue to exist. We learn to thrive. Life goes on—lighter, freer, fuller.

What are we doing?

Why do we care to fulfill and live by an image more than we do to actually live? The former is an endless cycle, the latter is freedom.

We were enough the moment we were born. Nothing can add or take away from that but us, when we sacrifice who we truly are for what has always been fleeting and impermanent.

We are not characters. We are real humans—always a work in progress, but indefinable, limitless.

And we are dying to live.

Can we allow ourselves to live?

Thank you for inspiring me.

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