love your heart out.

November 21, 2016.

I’m going to put this out there, the universal truth:

@everyone love your heart out.

Love when it absolutely makes no sense to. Look at others with empathy. We have all lost our way in this ‘modern’ world. It’s far too much for the human psyche to handle. When people act with malice, their brains are corrupt and they simply don’t know better. If they wish for suffering on others and/or inflict it, they don’t know better. It may sound silly because ‘how do adults not know they’re fucking up?’ but that’s just it, this is the truth – they don’t know better, especially in the moment. Our brains are a product of conditioning. There is much happening on our planet in this moment, and most don’t have the foundation to keep them grounded; even the ones who do, are tested to the nth degree. Not many make it far completely in tact. But if you don’t allow anything to change the DNA of your own heart, then you will endure and continue on.

I read a quote the other day, ‘the road to paradise is full of pains,’ the truth. It’s easier to succumb to the ways of this world in wanting to keep to yourself and do anything it takes to ‘move forward,’ even if it’s at the expense of anyone or everyone else. But that’s just a temporary relief and escape that comes with a high price, albeit not immediately. And you’re not moving forward, you’re not moving at all.

Love people when they’re stupid and love them when they’re smart. The knowledge we have, anyone can have. But our hearts are our own, as Goethe said very beautifully. Don’t inflict pain, don’t feel superior to others, and more importantly, love your heart out because that’s what keeps you alive and it’s why you have one in the first place. What the world needs right now is not any more people who chase money, fame, notoriety or status. Only love and care have ever fixed wounds. And our world and lives are deeply wounded.

Love is justice and love is life.

Love is a universal truth repeated by the best humanity ever had to offer, throughout the times.

Don’t lose sight of love and don’t let love leave your heart.

Don’t dissolve in the crowd and never lose your humanity.

Anything you do, do it with love.

Love your heart out.

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